Sterilisation process

The sterilisation process is taken very seriously at Flesh Impressions.

We use a Mocom Autoclave to sterilise all our non-disposable tools, forceps, jewellery, insertion tapers and any other piercing related instruments. The autoclave is spore tested weekly to ensure that the sterilising process is successful at all times.

Prior to being placed in the autoclave, the instruments are soaked in a hospital grade disinfectant then rinsed off, the instruments are then placed in a ultrasonic cleaner which removes any stubborn matter then rinsed again, the instruments are then dried and placed in sterilisation bags before being placed in the autoclave (the best form of sterilisation available).

Our Mocom Autoclave has regular spore tests to ensure it is operating properly and the sterilisation cycles are successful.

We use single use disposable needles which are opened in front of the client and are disposed of immediately after use into a medical sharps container. These procedures combined, ensure you a safe piercing experience.

Mocom Autoclave Mocom Autoclave open Sterilised environment C4 dryer